Goloso Games
Based in Bordeaux, France

Founding date:
October 2015


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Antenna Dilemma
Inspector Waffles



GOLOSO Games is a one man independant game studio based in France. I make games focused on creative stories and strong gameplay, when I am not working at my real daily job. Goloso is an italian word which litterally means : "a person who likes to eat, probably too much". A "goloso" is a gourmand but also a glutton.


Early history

I started to create games in Naples, Italy, in 2015. I fell in love with this city, where food is religion :I choose the company name (and also the logo) as a tribute to this wonderful place.

The Broken Mace, a concept more than a game

After a lot of unreleased prototypes, I decided to work on The Broken Mace, a 2D runner platformer wih RPG and Rogue mechanics. During almost one year, I created a demo and I released it at the end of 2016. On march 2017, the game was greenlighted on Steam but I decided to stop the development to focus on Inspector Waffles.

Inspector Waffles and #MyFirstGameJam success

In January 2017, I participated in #MyFirstGameJam and I created a little point and click adventure/detective game with anthropomorphic cats named Inspector Waffles. A prototype (with no sound) was made in 2 weeks : Unfortunately, there were no ratings during the jam but I've got a lot of nice feedbacks so I decided to create a complete game. After a couple of months imagining a full story for Inspector Waffles and finding a little team around me, we are now working on gameplay, pixel art and dialogs.A more polished demo (with sounds and a more detailed story) has been released in January 2018. A full release has been planned to 2019.

Quoala, a GPS narrative game

In July 2017, Quoala was born during Ludum Dare Game Jam 39 : Quoala is a minimalist narrative game about a talkative GPS device and a couple of problems. Over 1500 rated entries, Quoala was in top 100 for 3 categories : Mood, Humor and Music. At the end of August 2017, the game was fully released and can be played on itch.io and gamejolt for free.

Antenna Dilemma out of the box !

Antenna Dilemma is another point and click I've made during Adventure Jam 2018. In a dystopian black and white world, our hero has to find a way to fix his antenna : missing his favorite show would be impossible for him. The game had some success and got some great results during the jam : Antenna Dilemma finished 7th overall, 3th for the storytelling and 5th for the characters. A full release of the first chapter is planning soon.



Inspector Waffles YouTube

Antenna Dilemma YouTube


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