Inspector Waffles, game jam devlog 2 and 3 (January 9th and 10th 2017)

Inspector Waffles was made during my first game jam event almost one year ago. During this jam, I have to do a game about cats and/or dogs in two weeks. I wrote a devlog during this time, this is a copy of it. Original post is here


Second day devlog

First scene (50%)

Drawing is almost done, I just need to do a couple of animations (shining stars and blinking lights for example), for me it’s a little bit too static.

I added character animations, I used Spriter to do that, and the result is pretty good ! This software looks promising. You can also see the first dialogs between Waffles and Patches.

Next, I will add the interaction between scene and mouse clicks.

Programming (2%)

I made a little dialog system between 2 protagonists, launching animations and showing conversations.


I forgot to tell you that I will do my game on Unity. This game engine is the only thing that is not new for me. I’m also using Spriter, Hexels, SpriteIlluminator and before starting the game jam, I had no idea how to use it. Not to mention that I’ve never done a Point&Click before 😉

Next steps :

Tomorrow, I will add interaction between the mouse pointer and scene objects. If I have time, I’ll make the inventory (I already left empty space behind the scene).

Third day devlog

Cursors, clicking on objects (100%)

You can now interact with some objects from the scene. A description appears and Waffles says something about it. The cursor changes from a cat’s paw (I hope you like it !) to a magnifying glass if you are on a “special” object.

I’m not sure I’ll add other kind of cursors, but I will add a lot more of selectable objects to this scene.

Inventory (50%)

Inventory is very simple at the moment : you can find objects from the scene and they will appear on the bottom of the screen. I’m quite happy with the result at the moment, it starts to look like a real point & click ! 🙂

Next steps :

Tomorrow, I’m going to add the interaction between the objects from the inventory and objects from the scene (putting the polaroid picture into the trash can for example). And if I have time, doing another scene or polishing this one.

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