Inspector Waffles, game jam devlog 1 (January 8th 2017)

Inspector Waffles was made during my first game jam event almost one year ago. During this jam, I have to do a game about cats and/or dogs in two weeks. I wrote a devlog during this time, this is a copy of it. Original post is here

For my first game jam, my goal was to make a point and click, like the ones I played when I was younger (Broken Sword, Monkey Island … yes I’m old). I don’t have a name right now, but the main character will be Inspector Waffles.

I’m already working on an other game, so Inspector Waffles is a side-project (Note : one year later, Waffles became my main project ). My goal is not to finish it in 2 weeks, but at least to make 2 or 3 scenes. I like the idea of the 2 weeks duration to make something working at the end of it.

I’m also using new softwares I got from the Humble Bundle (Hexels, SpriteIlluminator). I’m very satisfied of both of them at the moment !



Game story

Inspector Waffles is an old school inspector, spending his spare time in bars. One night, a very rich cat is finding dead outside his house. Inspector Waffles is called to find if he kills himself or if he was murdered.

First day devlog

Dialogs and riddles (90%)

I wrote a couple of scenes, probably 20minutes of gameplay. The hardest part was setting up the puzzles, not too easy, not too hard. I’ll probably change some sentences during the jam, but it’s almost done.

Drawing characters (50%)

I am not a pixel artist, so I’m quite satisfy with the result. I’ve planned to do 2 other characters, but I won’t have the time to make crazy animations I guess.

First scene (10%)

The body was found in front of a big house. I did a background, but I’m not satisfy with it at the moment, I’ll probably change a couple of stuffs (too narrow in my opinion).

Programming (0%)

Nothing at the moment. I’ll start today or tomorrow.

Next steps

I’ld like to do some talks between characters first, and then finish the first scene : it’s going to be a “cinematic” scene, where there is almost nothing to do, any aspect of the point & click game mechanics.

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