LDJAM39 : Quoala let’s play

Hi everyone ! A couple of little things happened to Quoala recently.
For the ones who don’t know, Quoala was my entry for Ludum Dare 39. Even if I didn’t score well in the overall rating, I was in top 100 on 3 categories (over 1500 rated games), so I’m quite happy about it 🙂

Let’s play !

I was lucky to have 2 let’s play for the game : DevinCrystie did a really cool and funny let’s play for Quoala.
And Jupiter Hadley did a really fine job too. Thanks again 🙂


Game works perfectly fine, but I know, I am a little perfectionist. So I had
  • Adjusted buttons size where the answers were too long.
  • A little mistake during dialogs.
  • Removed 2 unnecessary bad words.
Probably game is done now. Thanks for all of you who played it !

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