Dun dun dunnnnn! A huge shipment of catnip has been stolen! It’s up to Waffles and tech wizard Pixel (and you!) to solve the mystery. If you don’t recover the catnip, how will it be legally distributed so cats can recreationally relax?! Mystery!

The Kidnapped Catnip is a multi-part sidequest contest. The contest is over, but you can still play all the parts, just don’t expect to win anything 🙂

Part 1 : Feb 3

Pixel sits listlessly in his office, tapping away at his keyboard. The door opens and in walks Inspector Waffles, envelope in hand…



Part 2: Feb 10

Inspector Waffles came back with a strange evidence, but what does it contain?



Part 3: Feb 17

The plot thickens… can Pixel what’s hidden behind this email?



Part 4: Feb 27 – March 7

It’s finally time to get the catnip ! Will you be able to find it on the map ?

(The contest is over, but you can still play just for fun 🙂 )