Who are we ?

Who I am : GOLOSO Games is a one man video game studio.

I was born in France during the 80s with a NES gamepad in the hands. Then I started my education on Super Nintendo with platform games and later PC with point&click and simulation games. (Gosh, I miss Theme Hospital).

And now, well, I’m a grown man, I have been working as a developer/IT manager since 2010, still playing video games. And now, trying to create ones.

What does Goloso mean ?

Goloso is an italian word which litterally means : “a person who likes to eat, probably too much”. A “goloso” is a gourmand, a glutton. I heard one day that you have to create a company which looks like you, well … I am crazy about food.

I also used an italian word because I lived there for quite a while, in a city where food is religion : Napoli. I started to work on my video game projects in this very special city.

Why is the logo a pizza ?

For three main reasons :

First, like I said, I started to work on video games when I was living in Napoli. The pizza on the logo is a typical Napolitan Margherita : tomatoes, mozzarella, 2 leaves of basilic and that’s all. No mushrooms.

Then, I am a teenager from the 90’s and my favourite heroes of that period were the Ninja Turtles. 20 years ago, I loved Michelangelo, the orange one : he was one of the most famous pizza-eater of my generation. He is a goloso, he could be part of our team.

And finally : who doesn’t like pizzas ? Pizza is life, pizza is love.