Inspector Waffles 0.2.0

One year ago, I started my first game jam with the only expectation to do a little point&click adventure. I had no idea where I was going, just imaging in a couple of days a story with a detective cat on a crime scene and the great opportunity to add puns with cats and dogs all around.

At the end of the game jam, I received awesome feedbacks. The number of downloads was quite important for a prototype with no sound at all. So it was an evidence I should go on and finish the game like I expected to do. And I also really wanted to add interrogations.

I have to be honest, I took my time : I thought a lot about Waffles story and environment, creating a world with cats and dogs, thinking about a full story with cliffhangers, funny situations and good witness interrogations. But I also worked on other prototypes and other games (Briiik and Quoala, an other adventure game I am quite proud of). 2017 was a year with a lot of game dev and 2018 starts with a demo I wish you will enjoy.

Inspector Waffles 0.2.0 updates

* Sounds : one song and sound effects have been added.
* New scenes : 3 cinematics and 2 playable scenes
* Graphics : All the old scenes were redone with more details
* Clues : decors hide clues, they will be mandatory to solve the cases
* Interrogations : you can now interact with some people and ask them questions. You can prove it wrong with clues and items you already found.
* UI : New title screen and pre-selection window.
* Characters : Millie, the Fluffy neighbour and Franky, a tedious journalist have been added to the story.

Waffles Future 

I didn’t plan a release date, but my goal is to finish the game for winter 2018. That means I’m going to focus a lot on Inspector Waffles during this year and share more screenshots and devlogs than in 2017.
I’m not going to do a kickstarter, but if you want to help Inspector Waffles, give what you want when downloading the exe. And of course you can download for free, that’s perfectly fine.

Thanks for playing 🙂

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