Inspector Waffles, game jam devlog 4 and 5(January 11th and 12th 2017)

Inspector Waffles was made during my first game jam event almost one year ago. During this jam, I have to do a game about cats and/or dogs in two weeks. I wrote a devlog during this time, this is a copy of it. Original post is here

4th day devlog

Interaction between the Inventory items and the scene (80%)

You can select item from your inventory and try to interact it with the scene. Item is not highlighted when you select it, also when Waffles is talking.

I didn’t test the “combine” action between 2 items because … I didn’t draw an other item 🙂 But it should work !

Multiple dialogs (100%)

When you click a 2nd time on the corpse, new dialogs appear. I had to make a dialog system : according to what you already said and what you have in your inventory, dialogs change.

Next steps :

Tomorrow, new scene ! It will be a 100% pixel drawing day. I will probably draw new items too, and testing the “combine” action.

5th day devlog

New scene : the bedroom ! (100% for the subsmission)

This is the bedroom inside the house you have already seen. I wanted to add more details, but I won’t have time to finish the game if I am polishing too much, so he will stay like this, I think.

This is also how it looks like into Unity, if you are interested about how some aspects of how the game work, let me know !

Decor updates and new selection (100%)

Now, some elements from the scene can move, appear or disappear : they are seperated from the background and can be updated according to what you do with Waffles. See the exemple with the painting of Meowgritte (I hope you like the pun, because I will add more 🙂 ).

It’s not obvious to see where are the moving objects and the static ones, and I am quite happy about this !

Also, the windows are really weird on the GIF and their pixels change (it’s only in the GIF).

Next steps :

Tomorrow, I’ll add the mechanic to go from one scene to an other, and I think it’s going to take some time. Probably doing some pixel art too, if I can.

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