The Broken Mace Devlog 4

Hi everyone !

I'm back from holidays so it's time to update the devlog.
I spent a lot of time on an important aspect of the game : the boss fight. It's not over, but I can show you how it would be.

Boss cinematic

Here he is, the first boss of The Broken Mace : a Brontornis (or kind of look-alike). If you are interested, you can check easily information on Internet about one of the "terror birds".

I haven't finish the animation (and the drawing) yet, but you can already discover how the cinematic is going to be, with a little description in the upper right.

Working on shaders

I'm trying to find the best way to do an earthquake and a heat wave effects. That is a work in progress, but you can see how it changes the desert background.

Old book evolutions

* You can open the old book after you discovered it, even in the start menu.
* You have a tutorial when you have just found the old book.

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