The Broken Mace Devlog 3

Hi everyone !

This week I have not a lot of things to show, I have mostly fixed bugs. I will be on holiday for the next 2 weeks, so there will be no devlog during this period.

Old Book

I've added a simple tutorial for the moment when you get the old book (see devlog 1 to see more about it). It's just an explanation of how you can use it and how it will help you.

For example, you can add pages like this treasure map.

New way unlocked !

I have improved the way the player trades with the red-haired NPC.

Now, the NPC doesn't give you back the ladder, but he unlocks a new path in the game. When you give the ladder a new message tells you that a new way is unlocked, but nothing changes at the moment. You just have to wait a little bit, the NPC needs some time to set up the ladder 🙂

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