The Broken Mace Devlog 2

Hi everyone !

I've worked on 2 main concepts of the game this week. I hope you will like it !

Old Man

In every RPG game, at some point, the hero meets an old wise man who knows everything about the destiny of the main character.
Well, in this case the old wise man knows nothing, he is just a grumpy old man who needs a couple of items.

Like in trade sequences of the old zelda games, the player needs to trade items in order to get some rewards. At first it's easy, but it won't last for long !

Going up with ladder

That's an easy one to explain : now, you can climb the ladders.
Also, you can craft ladders, but you are not able to put them wherever you want. So you will need help from the NPCs who can set the ladders for you !

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