The Broken Mace Devlog 1

Hi everyone !

I will try to give you updates about the game every week. I think it's better for you to see what I'm working on and what the next features of the game will be !


The desert is a new environment you can meet just after the prairie. That's not a place you can go out easily .... There are no enemies at the moment, just a couple of decors but I'll create more soon.

Old book

This new object is very important in the game. Now, when you play the game for the first time, you craft new objects but you have no idea how you did that and how you can do it again. Soon, you will find every crafted objects in the old book and you will also be told how to create them again and again. You just need to craft it one time and it will appear in the book.

I added another game mechanics in the game : you can find and add new pages to your book. They will give you more information about how to discover new things in the game.

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