[TBM] Update V1A1.5 : Sounds, flute, caves and weather …

Hi everyone,

Finally, we have added music and sounds to the game ! Rémi did all of it, if you are interested in his work, you can check his soundcloud page : https://soundcloud.com/rm-bllrdn.

Flute mechanics

It's not so easy to find how to craft your first flute, so we let you find out by yourself 🙂

Just a little hint : the knife is mandatory. We noticed that it's not so easy to understand what the knife use is, so we will improve it on the next version.

The flutes add a game mechanic, like the weapons : the player will need to improve it to go further in the game.

Mushroom and flint caves

Caves have been improved too. Flint cave was already there, we just added some details, especially at the end of the cave.

Mushroom caves behave differently : according to what you've already gathered, caves can look different. You can find mushrooms or not.
Now, mushrooms are useless, but of course they will become more important in the future.

It’s raining !

We've worked on the weather for a long time, it was one of the first features we developed. But one thing was missing to implement it before : the trigger to change the weather. Now, we have it !

The weather is an important aspect of the game, and it will take a major role in the future versions.

Other features

* The string is now a craftedItem. Crafted items are not in the game anymore, in order to simplify it.
* Panels.
* Tutorial was modified because of the previous changes.
* Pause menu (with 'P').
* The UI tells you when you get an item from an enemy, and from what kind of enemy (icon).

Thanks to all of you for your tests, constructive comments and suggestions : it helped me a lot. See you for the next update !

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