[TBM] Update V1A1.2 : Tutorial !

After a long period of development the tutorial is finally done. Now you can see game possibilities in The Broken Mace, and what the game will be about.
For the next step, we will add some contents in the main game, because everything could be done (except for the tutorial) in less than 30 minutes. Of course, that's clearly not enough.

V1A1.2 new features

* Tutorial : now you have in TBM a background story and you can understand more easily the gameplay.

* Death animations : hero is not standing up anymore when dying.

* New light effects : torch light in caves and sun light effects.

* Bug fixes : no more invisible grounds, a couple of animation character bugs have been fixed, and some minor bugs have been fixed too.

Thanks to all of you for your tests, constructive comments and suggestions : it helped me a lot. See you for the next update !

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