[TBM] First information

Hello everyone ! My actual project, The Broken Mace , is starting to look like a real videogame. For my first post, I am going to talk about what The Broken Mace is.

How the project is born ?

Almost 2 years ago, I wanted to create my own videogame. I learnt about 3D Engines, videogame game design and pixel art. Fortunately, I knew how to code (actually it's my everyday job).
During one year, I made very tiny games, with no new concept. And finally, in january 2015, I had a couple of videogame ideas, and I chose the Broken Mace project for 2 main reasons :
  • For my first try, I wanted to make a platform game.
  • I had also another project with simple 3D models and I thought 2D would be easier than 3D or isometric projection. Wrong. Problems are just differents.

What is the plot ?

You are Krug, a prehistoric man who runs from left to right.
Someone starts to talk to you, you have no idea who he is, but it looks like he wants to help you.
Then, you find your first artefact, a broken mace. It's useless, your new friend advises you to do not take it, but you grab it anyway. You have a good feeling about this broken mace ...

Start screen on version 1.0

What is the main idea behind The Broken Mace ?

The Broken mace is an endless 2D running video game.
The main idea of the game is : what you collect will affect your future in the game.

To make it simple : in The Broken Mace, you can collect leafs, sticks, flints, feathers and so on, and your game will lead you to different paths, according to what you gather.

So, it’s just a runner game like the thousands I can find on my phone ?

Well, not really.
Playing a game which is just a copy of a successful game is not very fun. And making a copy of an existing game is boring as hell.
My goal is to make a game with surprises, originality and creativity. The future will tell me if I succeeded in my quest !

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