The Broken Mace is a 2D runner platformer with RPG mechanics. You are a prehistoric man who has been chosen to become a hero. You will need to collect items, craft equipments and find artefacts in order to find your way in this unique art style game.

The Broken Mace is set to release in 2017. It will be available on PC, probably Mac and Linux.

Items/Equipment/Artefacts !

Collect items to make equipment with unique abilities ! Flute, Mace, ladder, keys and more !

Equipment capacity is not infinite, you will need to think very carefully about what you collect !

Quests !

Trade equipment with non-playable characters to get artefacts or to find your way to new places ! The world will also be updated with new meetings (good and bad ones).

Boss fight !

Meet different deadly monsters like ... dodos.
But be careful ! If you find huge eggs on your path, well ... it's time to flee as fast as you can !
The brontornis, a giant predatory bird, will do his best to kill you !

Mistery Caves !

Solve treasure maps and misteries in the caves : will you find everything you need to finish the game ?